Time Machine Vol.1 [Promo Pack]

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- 200 MB of frei Yamaha DX7 Samples
- 5 Multi-Sampled Sounds
- Pure Vintage Synth Sound
- Recorded using Analog Devices
- Multiformat: GIGA (multis), WAV, NKI, FXP

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  • Time Machine Vol.1

    We are pleased to inform you that our store appeared to be very unique and a good product, "Time Machine Vol. 1". It includes analog, Fat Basses, Pads, and Leads the DX7 synthesizer. On the occasion that this is the first product, our new producer "Hormonic", we want you to have before buying the whole collection of instruments to try out a few examples. To do this, click the "add to cart", next click "check out" and soon you'll be able to download these Music Samples directly to your hard drive. Use them in your favourite sampler, are 100% compatible with HALion, Kontakt, EXS-24, Emulator X, Proteus X and other samplers. Convince yourself about the exceptional nature of analogue!

    Link to the full version: Time Machine Vol. 1

    Features of the full version:

    • 3.6 gigabytes of analogue synth samples
    • Sounds from the legendary Yamaha DX7
    • 72 Gig instruments, 25 MB/ instrument
    • Additional formats for Ni Kontakt and HALion
    • Pure vintage Synth Sound
    • Fat basses, pads and powerful lead sounds
    • Recorded using analogue devices
    • Compatible with most virtual samplers
    • Formats: 24-bit GIG, WAV, NKI, FXP

    Test out Time Machine Promo Pack in your favorite Digital Audio Workstation: Propellerhead Reason or FL Studio

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